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Older non-fiction reviews before 2010

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FEG-Ridiculous Poems for Intellegent Children

By: Robin Hirsch

This book has a lot of weird poems.  About a lot of random stuff. One is about entering a poem. That same poem also has stuff to do with a bathroom. Then there is one about learning to drive. This book is really interesting if you really think about it. Yea, it looks like its for little kids. But it really makes me laugh. I would probably recommend this book to the middle schoolers. But then again thats me. Reviewed by Tera Williams, April 2009.


Dragons: Fearsome monsters from myth and fiction

By: Gerrie McCall c2007

This book offers information about dragons from Ancient Legends,  Media Dragons, and Mythological dragons. This book also includes pictures of these dragons, actual scaled size, and where they can be found. My opinion on this book is that it is a waste of time and money. Period. NUFF SAID.. I recommend this book to 6th graders.

Reviewed by : Nathan Craney   3/18/09


Painless grammer

by Rebecca Elliott

copyright 2006

I would recommend this book to grades 7+. The book is about grammar and the parts of grammar like parts of speech, building and punctuating sentences, agreement, words, editing, and writing E-mails. Reviewed by Tony Jay, March 2009


Birding Maine: Over 90 prime birding sites at 40 locations

By Tom Seymour

This is a book that can be enjoyed by bird watchers of all ages.It is about different places in Maine that you can go bird watching. You will find information about the birds' habitat, the best time to look for them, and a description of the trails and weather. It also lists nearest camping sites, food, and lodging for the bird watchers. and best time to see the bird that you are looking for, their habitats. 

Reviewed by Ben Jones 3/9/09


How to bag the biggest buck of your life.

By: Larry Benoit c 2003

The book is about hunting deer. Some of the things the book talks about is hunting equipment, how to track the deer you are hunting, hints on sounds that the deer make and some of the things you might see a deer doing. It also tells you how to dress and and drag a deer properly.

Reviewed By Joshua Dillon 2/11/09



By Carolyn Jessup

It is a biography and the copyright date is 2008, I would recommend it to high schoolers, I don't think middle schoolers would understand a book like this. The book is about this woman who is in a certain religion and has been since she was younger, and she is married and her husband has 6 wives. Carolyn has 15 kids with her husband. Her husband is on America's Most Wanted list.

Reviewed 2/10/09 by Brianne Andrews


Teen rights (and responsibilities)

by Traci Truly (C)2005

After reading this book there is some things that I was surprised to find in this book. The book covers several different issues such as Dress Code, Searches in the school, Discipline by Parents and a bunch more. It's very informative and good to just know what your rights are. Reviewed by Catrina Comeau, Feb 2009.


Painless Algebra

By: Lynette Long, Ph.D.



This book is about algebra, mostly about stuff like if you break out in a cold sweat at every mention of algebra, this book will help you. So it says. It has information about integers, solving equations with just one variable, solving inequalities, exponents, roots and radicals, and Quadratic Equations. I think this book will be good for a lot of people. I read a little of it and it looked really interesting. Some of the problems in this book are 3x+7x, 4x+x. Stuff like that. I recommend this book to any one in 7th-12th grade. Anybody who reads this book will learn about algebra if you really pay attention to what it says.

Reviewed by: Tera Williams 2-9-09


Car Science

By Richard Hammond

Thsi book is about cars. Everything you need to know about cars you can find out in this book. Learn about handling, technology, power. and speed. You can see the time line of when cars were first invented, from muscle power to gas power and even further into the future. Learn about the four-stroke cycle. See some of the most powerful cars on the market today. The future is to bring fast cars but fuel efficient. I recommend this book to people who love cars and want to learn more about them. Reviewed by Spencer Leavitt. Jan 2009


All-Terrain Vehicle Handbook

By Monte Burch


The handbook tells you who the top manufacturers are and what the best four wheeler on the market is. The handbook also teaches you about how to repair and maintain you four wheeler. The book gives you safety tips and where to go to get riding training. The last thing the book tells you about is how to use your wheeler safely when you go hunting. Reviewed by Dustin Lancaster, January 2009.


Gun Violence

by Holly Cefrey

In the book it talks about the different aspects of guns. The history of guns, from the musket's they used in the earler wars to the semi-automatics that we use now. It talks about how the gun rights came to be and the meaning of some of the laws. it also talks aobut how you can see the signs that someone might be into gun violence. The book gives ideas on how you can stop it before it starts and how you can join organizations that are against gun violence.

Reviewed by Catrina Comeau



by Peggy J. Parks

I recommend this book for anyone in grades 9-12 that may be intersted in eating disorders, may think they have one, or may be doing a research paper on the topic. This book explains how serious it is, what causes it, what can be done, and how it affects the body. Other than that it also explains other types of disorders such as bulimia, and how they are related, and gives personal accounts by people who have actually struggled with this disorder.

Reviewed by Katy Korona



by Hal Marcovitz

This book offers information about phobias and how they can be treated. It gives insight on what phobias are, what causes them, the main symptoms and how to recognize them, complications of having phobias, and hot it effects a person's life. The book has information about phobias listed on easy-to-read charts and side notes to help you better understand the meanings of words used in the book. This book is an interesting guide to help one better understand phobias. I would recommend theis book for grades 9-12.

Reviewed by Daniel Volz.


Video Games

by Peggy J. Parks

Video Games is a great informational book fled with information about, what else but video games? The book is written in educational format that seems to skip from one subject to another but if you are doing a report on the effects of video games on the young mind then this is the right book for you. On a scale from 1-10 on information I give it a 9.5, but if you are looking for a book that is really interesting, this may not be the best book for you. Overall, Video Games is a great book and anyone who does not know a lot about the effects of video games should definitely read it. Bet for grades 9 and up. c2009

Reviewed by John Behuniak.


Extreme athletes: Danica Patrick

by Bonnie Hinman

This book is about a female Indy Car racer name Danica Patrick. The book tells you about her struggles to become one of the few female Indy Car racers. The book also has a time line of her life from when she started racing go karts to racing Indy Cars. It also has her personal website which is www.danicaracing.com I would recommend thus vook to anybody, but if you are am Indy Car fan this is the book for you. it shows you how tough it can be to be become an Indy Car racer. c2009

Reviewed by Dustin Lancaster.


Meet Derek Jeter: Baseball's superstar shortstop

by Ethan Edwards

The book tells you about him playing baseball his whole life. He was voted as the best high school baseball player in the United States. It also explains all the awards he has won since he has been playing baseball at the minor and major league level. I would recommend this book to anybody who has a dream of playing in the MLB. You could read it to the elementary level kids so they could realize that any dream can come true. Reviewed by Dustin Lancaster, October 2008


Xtreme athletes: Michael Phelps

by Kerrily Sapet

This book is about a well known Olympic star Michael Phelps. It gives insight into how he became the athlete he is today. It started out with his early childhood and how he got started into swimming. It talks about different struggles he has had and how long it took him to win gold at the Olympics. I would recommend this book to anyone who is interested in swimming and the famous swimmer of today, Michale Phelps.It's a great read and I think any age group would enjoy it. Reviewed by Ashley Stanhope, October 2008



by Stuart A. Kallen

This book is a description of angels, angel ranks as well as fallen angels throughout history. It also has short stories of supposed sightings, charts of the belief level of angels, god, heaven, and hell, throughout the years. Overall this book is highly informational in it's field, providing information based on the past and the present from the holy books of several different religions. It also goes into a reasonable amount of detail on the subject. Reviewed by Wesley Rouse, October 2008.


Manga Messiah

Manga Messiah is the story of the Lord in graphic novel format. The book just tells the tale from where the Lord was born until his crucification. i would recommend this to anybody who likes Manga or graphic novels, or is a fan of Japanese animation. The grade level is 7-12 grade. Reviewed by Dylan J. Flagg, October 2008


The true story of Pocahontas

by Colleen Adams

I think this book is very educational because it teaches you about her tribe, the Pochantan, and how they lived in Virginia in the early 1600's and how she helped the Colonists and met one named John Smith. It talked about her going to England after she married John Rolfe and how a group of Colonists kidnapped her. She fell in love with John Rolfe after she was left free. And it tells about how she dies. So I think you should read the book. Reviewed by Rebecca Carpenter, October 2008.


The Boston Massacre

by Robert J Allison

This book is a history of the Boston Massacre, as well as events soon before and after it, including the day during which the massacre occurred and the trial of the British soldiers. it gives details on the people involved, what happened, and what each side, the Patriots and the British, did to portray the event. It also shows the engravings done by Paul Revere of the event. This book is good for anyone who has an interest in history, especially in controversial historical events, and how they can be used for propaganda. Reviewed by Sarah DeMaris, October 2008


Forest Trees of Maine

Department of Conservation, c 2008

This book has all sorts of information on trees: what their bark looks like and their leaves/needles. This book also shows what ticks look like and where they can be found in Maine. It also says what kind of berries are in the forest and where they can be found in Maine. The is book shows how small trees are aand how big trees get. This book would be really useful for science classes and for people who enjoy to read. Reviewed by Spencer Leavitt, Oct 2008.



Gift of imagination: the story of Roald Dahl

By Leanne Gelletly


In this book you will find out Roald Dahl's life, starting with him as a boy and ending after his death. There is a short chapter on how he became a writer and there is an insight on the illustrator of his many books. It tells of how he came upon writing his stories and how some of them became movies, like the Gremlins and Matilda.

In this book, it gives many pictures of Roald and his wives, and pictures of him with his sisters. There is also a time line and an index at the back of the book. It's a good quick reference guide for someone doing a report on him. At the back of the book, it gives you resources for more information on Roald Dal, such as websites and other books.

The grade level of this book, I'd have to say, is 7-12, but mostly 7th and 8th graders, because he writes books that are more at their grade level. The book has some big words, but nothing too big. I'd recommend this book to English class, because Roald Dahl was a big write for well known books and movies.

Come to the library and read this book to find out more information on your favorite writer, Roald Dahl, the one who wrote Matilda, the BFG, and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. All of his books are great to read.

Reviewed by Lacey Madore, December 2007


Dealing with PMS

By: Sophie Waters


This book talks about your body inside and out. The symptoms of PMS,recognizing pms,treatments and relief and other ways to look into this topic. This book tells you about your changes like skin,hair,personal appearance,weight gain, and your hormones. The book has pictures to show you

what goes on for someone to understand it more. The physical symptoms are in bold , and how to take care of the issues. There are also myths and facts listed and as well as questions to ask your doctor. They tell you how to treat it so you will feel more better and less overwhelmed. This book also should be for girls seventh grade and up and also used for all health classes.

Reviewed by Kayla Goodine, December 2007.



By Wanda Langley

The title of the book is very straitforward and tells you exactly what it's about. If you ever are curious about not just the role they played in aviation, but their experiences, and effects on cultures around the world, this book is very useful. It contains quotes directly from the women and covers several of the events in their life as aviators. This book also has pictures of the woman and their aircraft, it even has an index to make it easier to find what you are looking for. The language of the book is readable by a 5th grader but still effectively delivers the facts. Definitely a recommendable book for those interested in both women's history and the history of Aviation.

Reviewed by Eric Sanborn, December 2007


Frequently asked questions about academic anxiety

by Farances O'Connor


This book talks about the different types of academic anxieties, how to deal with them, some of the symptons, what causes the anxiety, and how your firends can help you get over it. I would recommend this book to students in grades 7-12 and anyone interested in learnign about the different types of academic anxieties. Review by Ann Newell, Jan 2008.


The 9/11 Terror Attacks

by Valerie Bodden.


It has to do with George Bush, the Trade Center, and a plane crash. There are pictures in this book about the plans to hit the World Trade Center, when it happened, what it looks like after, and the safety the U.S. Postal services had to go through because of what happened. This book does include an index. I would recommend this book for grades 7-12, for world history, U.S. History, and government classes. There are actual photos taken the day that this happened.

Reviewed by Wendy Bubar, Dec 2007.


Days of change, The 9/11 Terror Attacks

By Valerie Bodden


This Book talks about the 9/11 attack on the Twin Towers, The Pentagon, and the attempt on either The White house or the Capital building in Washington D.C. It talks about the rescue and recovery efforts and the clean up that was needed after the attacks and the new building being built at ground zero "The Freedom Building". It talks about the terrorists and the Fall of Saddam Hussein and about Hijackers, Islamic extremists, Al Qaeda, Taliban, and Muslims. It talks about all of the firefighters police officers and FBI agents that risked their lives to save others.

This book has great full page pictures on every other page and several smaller pictures throughout the book, it also has a map at the beginning of the book showing where the hijacked planes crashed. There is an index and a bibliography in the back of the book. The grade level would be from seventh grade on. Government and U.S History classes would use this book. What is it about this date 9/11 that causes so much controversy in our country and leaded us into war with terrorists? Read the book to see.

Reviewed by Jordan Decker, December 2007


Kim Jong Il's North Korea by Alison Behnke tells the sad story of a small

nation repressed by the tyrannous rule of Kim Il Sung and his successor Kim Jong

Il. It is sad to think that many of the nations citizens are forced into back

breaking labor and often times, die bent double from their grueling tasks. In

this book there are several depictions that attest to the seriousness of these

actions, where North Korea is located, What the nations leader looks like, etc.

If you are looking for something specific in the book I would suggest checking

in the table of contents or the index of the book. I would recommend this book

probably for a freshmen world geography/world history class. Don't let the books

content scare you away however. All in all it makes for an interesting read.

Reviewed by Dustin Paul, December 2007.


David Beckham

By Ken Pendleton


This is a great book for anyone who is a sports fan or just a fan of good stories of the journeys of our famous people. In this book, the story was of David Beckham, today one of soccers greatest legends, but before that, he was just a kid with a dream. The story of his long road to success is played out in this book, including all of his ups and downs through his life. There are a lot of

photos in the book of Beckham when he was growing up and him presently. There is also an index and list of websites for the reader to use in the back of the book. The Grade level of this book in my opinion is 7 -12. This is an inspiring story that everyone should read. It would be a good book for English class when looking for an autobiography to write. I hope everyone enjoys this book.

Reviewed by Joe Leland, December 2007.



Girls Health, Yeast Infections, Trichomoniasis and Toxic Shock Syndrome

by Michael Sommers


This book has information on yeast Infections, trichomoniasis and toxic shock syndrome. It is written well and is easy to understand. This book gives information on prevention as well as treatment, tells you the symptoms and what to look out for. Most girls know basically what they are but this book gives you facts that you may not have know like toxic shock syndrome is an infection that you can get even if you don't use tampons. This book would be ideal for Mrs. Larlee's class and could be used for Mr. Oakes class as well. This book is good for grade levels 8-12. It has various pictures,as-well as an index, glossary, and a bibliography for some other sources to use.

Reviewed by Randi Smith, December 2007



Paul Connors, ed.

Christine Nasso, Publisher


There is a very common mental illness worldwide, showing strongly in a large number of today's teenagers. This illness is depression. This leaves teens, and some adults, feeling hopeless and alone. Such feelings lead to thoughts of suicide. Many teens use suicide as an escape, thinking that there is no other way out of their misery and hurt. Sometimes, they believe these thoughts and feelings are abnormal, like they are the only ones that struggle with the constant thoughts of suicide, and they don't know how to handle them. This book digs deeper into the subject. It asks questions such as: is suicide immoral, what are the causes of suicide, how can suicide be prevented, and even, should physician-assisted suicide be legal? It also voices the opinions of numerous people. This book is something that should be offered to teens troubled with these thoughts and feelings to better understand what suicide is and how to prevent it or seek help for it. There are also websites listed and a glossary for more help. This book would be good for any health classes, and possibly a psychology class. The appropriate grade level for this book is most likely grades 7-12.

Reviewed by Alana Worster, December, 2007


Dealing with PMS

by Sophie Waters


In this book you learn on how to deal with PMS, the signs of PMS and other elements of PMS. Visuals included are pictures, diagram, glossary of words. In the back there is a glossary and an index, a bibliography, books for further reading, web sites, and places to receive more information. The book is useful for anywhere from 6th grade to 12th and any range of developing girls. Classes using it would be Health, Science, Writing(maybe). If you have problems with PMS or just don't know what it is Dealing with PMS is a book you would be interested in. This book tells you about symptoms side effects medications to take, and ways to relieve menstrual cramps. It would be good reading on girls starting to develop or just wanting to know what's going on with my body.

Reviewed by Amanda Larson, Dec 2007.


Revolution the story of John Lennon

By John Duggleby


This book is really interesting. John Lennon was such an amazing person who impacted the world of music. This book gives an enlightening overview on this extraordinary individual. The book covers living in England, time with the Beatles, Yoko Ono, the ending of the Beatles and his horrific death. Also supplied, is a list of other websites you could gather more information from. John Lennon's story is suitable for grades 7-12 and would be put to well use in classrooms doing autobiographies. His life was so interesting even the most reluctant workers would enjoy do a paper on him. If you loved the music, you'll love the story.

Reviewed by Holly Moore, Dec 2007


The Great Depression and World War II

By Marty Gitlin


In the book the author wrote the book about two of the presidents of the United States Herbert Hoover and Franklin D. Roosevelt. The book is subjected around these two presidents because they where president when the Great Depression was going on and World War II. That is what the book is about.

Reviewed by Brittany Desrochers December 2007


Family Violence

By Linda Richards


This book is written by many different authors who have first hand accounts of family violence.It tells of many different forms of abuse such as: domestic, physical and verbal, that occurs in different types of relationships. It also informs and teaches the reader ways to get out of an abusive relationship. I would recommend this book for health classes and people who are

dealing with that kind of abuse.

Reviewed by Ashley Stanhope, December 2007


Days of Change The Bombing of Hiroshima & Nagasaki

By Valerie Bodden

The book can inform students who are curious about what happened after the atom bomb was dropped. Also the book not only tells you what happened to the residents but it gives some photographic showings of the after effects of the bomb. I recommend this book to all who are interested in history or possible younger grades.

Reviewed by Drew Bragg, December 2007.



By Debra Miller


It's good for anyone who is interseted in Globalization or jusr plain curious about it. This book explains many questions that people have about it whether it's how it effects animals or how it effects the workers.

Reviewed by Catrina Comeau, December 2007



2006-07 reviews


Break into the Game Industry: How to Get a Job Making Video Games

Ernest Adams



Break into the Game Industry: How to Get a Job Making Video Games is an unnecessarily long title, but it is probably some of the best specified advice I will ever get in my entire life. If you are even considering a job in the game industry, or a similar career, this book comes highly recommended, and for good reason.

In this book, the author goes over the history of gaming, as to help you understand why the game industry works in the unique way that is does. It then goes over the modern gaming environment, followed by a deeper analysis of the game industry itself. Next he goes over the several niches that noe can get into, and how to get into one of those jobs. Finally the author speculates upon the future of gaming. The rest of the book lists schools with gaming programs, several game development companies, as well as several resources directly from the International Game Developers Association.


Reviewed by Jason "Lackey" Shaffer, Spring 2006


The Child Called it

Dave Peltzer



This book was about a little boy who gets beat by his mother. And the strenght he has to have to deal with what his mother does to him.


This Book is non-fiction I would recommend this book to anyone that likes to read about life stories. It is a Great story.


Reviewed by Janice Anthony, Spring 2006




Ernie Pyle



Bravemen, by Ernie Pyle, is a book by a news correspondent during World War Two. In this book Ernie describes his experience during the war and with the different companies and division of the Allied fighting force. He was in the landings of Sicily, Anzio-Nettuno in Itlay and the famous landing in Normandy. He spent countless days in the infantry, the navy, the air force, and everywhere inbetween.


I am recommending this book for any who enjoys a good book built upon war stories from a third persons view. And I might add that the war stories aren't just bits and pieces but almost entire stories.


Review by Zach Smith, Fall 2005



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