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Magazine reviews

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Penquis Students wikipedia


Penquis Valley Schools Information Center

Milo, Maine, USA

Updated March 2013


Popular Mechanics

The magazine I reviewed is about how thinks work in general or how they will work. This magazine does have a table of contents to find things that you believe are interesting. Also there are many good pricing deals: 3 years for $28, 2 years for just $20, and 1 year for $12. The magazine issue that I reviewed is about who is spying on you and how they are doing it and how you can fight back so you can have some privacy which I think is very good. So really this magazine is for people who like to know who things work and why they work. It is for a curious person to read, so why not pick it up? It is a magazine meant for anyone with a little curiosity and wanting a explanation for some science things.  Reviewed by Ian Perkins, March 2013



Odyssey Magazine, 9 issues per year, $33.95 per year

Has Table of Contents
 and Ads are visible throughout magazine

.    If you like magazines about real stuff and exciting news you would love to read the magazine called Odyssey.  This magazines a definite eye opener to the outside world and around the country.  When I first saw the cover it instantly caught my eye, but I wasn’t ready to open it and dig into reading until I noticed it had all the latest free photo editing downloads for smart phones and funny photoshopped pictures.  Odyssey gives teens and young adults  a chance to stand out a little and let their voice be heard, this is why teens and young adult would be good readers for this magazine.  Some of the stories you would read about are stories like the one when two boys made their own space capsule with a camera attached and let it into space by balloon and got awesome pictures of the universe! If things like that catches your attention i would definitely suggest reading Odyssey magazine.  Odyssey also talks about jamming with holograms and all kinds of cool trendy stuff teens and young adults would be interested in hearing about.   Most stories are about teens or young adults and most articles relate to them as well.  You should read Odyssey magazine because it really gets you in tune with the future and gives you a nice overview of the latest trends and hobbies. Reviewed by Elizabeth Holler, March 2013.


    The magazine I am reviewing has a lot to do with health based upon physical health, mental health, and what your environment can do to impact your health. The issues come out once every two months, and it costs $8.99 a year for a student to subscribe.   The table of contents includes: “By the Numbers”, “Your Nutrition”, “Different Like You”, “Your Media”, “Sticky Situation”, “Your Mind”, and “Your School”. The magazine is a broad spectrum of a teenager’s everyday life. There is no ads in this magazine. 
    Things that people would like in these issues are the stories that can relate with everyday life and the choices you make. It shows the stories of people who have gone through many of the same things you could’ve or have gone through.
    My opinion on this magazine is that it is definitely for a younger group of people, like kids in middle school. It teaches a lot of kids things, but it’s mostly things that you have already learned by the time you are in high school. It has a lot of great tips and stories in it, but should really be read by a younger crowd. The stories in it from people, however, are something anyone could read and enjoy. Reviewed by Dana Sherwood, March 2013.

"E- the environmental magazine", six issues a year, $29.95, has table of contents, has ads.

 The Nov/Dec issue of this magazine has many articles in it but it talks a lot about eating nano. The process foods and food packaging contains nano particles which can be harmful for everybody's health. If you don't know about nano particles, it is like chemical's that is in a lot of food we eat. Mostly in food that is packaged but it also can be in purified water. There is also a part in this magazine that talks about how there is so much nano-encapsulated on the plants we eat that are suppose to be killing the insects of the plants, but in reality it's harming us as well. There are gaps in what we know about the food and food packaging that is already sitting on the supermarket shelves. It really is crazy because really there isn't a lot you can do about this situation. I mean you can stop eating some stuff but I believe that everything you eat has something in it that will eventually harm you. This magazine is all about creating a healthier world.Which I hope someday they will be able to have. I think this is a great magazine to leave on the shelves at our school because it explains to you about the increase of nano encapsulations that are in our food we eat. Nobody really thinks about what's in what we eat. I think it should be on our shelves here in our library, Just in case someone wants to learn about it. Someday it might become more harmful then it already is to us. The companies that make these foods should try and make their foods a different way so its not so harmful for our bodies. They are still trying to figure out what health dangers this might pose. I think most of the science teachers would be interested in this because it talks about nano, which is something interesting that is part of particles in the food we eat and water we drink. In science you learn a lot about particles. I would read this magazine in the future if I needed to learn about particles or even want to know more about information about process of foods and food packaging. Reviewed by Jade Zelkan, Feb 2013

Magazine Review for “Status Report”
This magazine has 12 issues a year(one each month)
The cost is $16.97 for a year
There is no table of contents, due to the fact it's such a brief magazine.
The are no ads in this magazine which makes reading it more enjoyable for the readers.
The articles in this magazine are about insurance claims, car makes/models and about helping consumers choose safer vehicles. It features a lot of tables which make the information easier to see and sort. What I like about this magazine now is that it gives the reader a good piece of mind about vehicles and safety. What I disliked was how short and brief it is, all this information is just thrown at you in a small section. I think if they added some more pages and some luxury car ads the magazine would be more enjoyable and funner to pick up and read (or just look at the pretty cars). I really can’t think of any students who would be interested in this magazine unless they are interested in being an insurance agent or something. This magazine is more aimed for adults who want to be information consumers. You should give this magazine a look through if you are curious about money involved when you get into an accident depending on your car type or if you want to learn about new driving laws for safety. Reviewed by MIchelle Heath, Feb 2013


Title: 2013's fastest battle on the track! Car and Driver The master of speed!

Number of Issues per year: 12

Amount of money Per year: $29.94

Table of Contents: This table of contents is on page 1. It has a little write up about each article with the authors name and the title of each article which I think is very helpful.

Ads: The ads are for cars and things for cars like gas and auto insurance.


The articles in this are about the new fast cars that have come out this year. They also have an article in this about the new types of cop cars that they have come out with. What I liked about this magazine was the great detail that was put into each article. What I did not like about this article was the price I think that $29.94 was ridiculous why not just make it $30.00 was the extra $0.06 to much to charge for the magazine. I think that the types of students and teachers that would like this would most definitely be teenage guys and the male teachers. Two reasons for reading this would be that the articles may teach you something that you did not know about cars and the other reason would be if you like cars this would be the best magazine for you. Reviewed by Ken Pennington, Feb 2013.


Science News, weekly issues, $54.00 a year
Has a Table of Contents, and a few ads
The main focus of Science News is obviously science, but specifically, biology. While some other fields are displayed throughout each issue, the magazine itself is mostly biologically based. Articles range from Health and Illness, to Atom and Cosmos, to Genes and Cells.
    I particularly like this magazine because it keeps students and teachers up to speed on recent discoveries, and even recent mysteries. It also gives a wide variety of topics, ensuring at least one grabs the readers attention. I don’t like that it is completely dominated by biology. Although, biology does cover all living things and their environment, I don’t think the authors should limit their news. Our school should definitely have this magazine. Even though the teachers would be more likely to read it than the students, it’s important that recent discoveries be implemented into the classroom. It could also prove an efficient resource for projects, and research.
    Teachers would probably be the best advocates for this magazine. By using an issue for reference in the classroom, or by talking about things mentioned in the magazine, students may be more inclined to look into the issue. Students who have an interest in staying socially or scientifically educated and up-to-date would most likely read this magazine. Math or science teachers would be more likely to take an interest, for obvious reasons.
    Science News may not be the most engaging magazine ever, but it does hold information that most people may not know. Interesting new discoveries about everyday life. Every article is written by a different author, in turn giving different perspectives. Science News provides readers with insight into the world of science, and keeps readers up-to-date with new revelations. Reviewed by Caitlin Ricker, Jan 2013


Canadian Geographic
6 issues per year
Subscriptions are $28.50per year$8.00extra for US and $30.00extra for other international addresses
There are both ads and a table of contents in this magazine.
 This magazine’s mission is “making Canada better known to Canadians and the World.” ˙In this issue of Canadian Geographic the authors are explaining to us the “truth about about polar bears.” Also in this issue the authors tell us more about Canada’s wildlife and their natural habitats.
    What I like about this magazine is the real photographs of the animals, it shows how beautiful wildlife really is. What I dislike about this magazine is how expensive it is for other countries to access it.
    I think the school should keep this magazine because it’s very informative and educational. It also gives great visuals that will keep students and anyone who reads it interested.
    I think anyone who loves the outdoors, looking at beautiful pictures and learning more about  “O Canada” will love reading this magazine! Reviewed by Nicolle Padillo, Jan 2013


Teen Voices Magazine
A magazine filled with tips and things that are liked by teens of the modern age. Although not filled with every bit of info OR the best, it is a useful magazine indeed. The title fits itself. Reviewed by Chris Crecelius, March 2011

 Field and stream.

I like this magazine because it gives you info about outdoor activates like hunting, fishing and camping. It also has tips on just about everything you can do outside in the wild. This issue is about deer racks. It also has a couple of sections about turky hunting and ice fishing. It has some advertisements like about the new Dodge Ram Laramie Long Horn edition and this leather jacket that says gone fishing on the back. The people who would like this would be people who like any type of fishing or hunting. If you do read this then I believe that most people would get something from it. It isn't just for people who like outdoors activate, it can help on some things inside the house.
    Field and Stream comes every month. each issue is different. And they have stuff relevant to what you can do during that month. Reviewed by  Jacob Crocker, Thursday, ‎February ‎10, ‎2011




 This magazine consist of insightful new fads and information updates of the modern musical world. This magazine features several "mega stars" of the musical world such as Neyo, Drake,Taylor swift, Lady Gaga and many more.  This magazine gives us an up close look with each musician's success story in hopes of inspiring others to take their music to the limits. InTune also features several new "on the rise" artist such as Chrisette Michelle, Diane Birch,Fitz&the tantrums, fly leaf and many more. there is also a small section twards the back of the book that shows you the newest and hottest fashions in the musical world, such as drum sets, Ipods, guitars,etc.

reviewed by Kala Robshaw on January/28/2011      


GL/Girl Life Magazine.

This is usually a 88-90 page magazine that comes every other month. In these magazines you will find a lot of stuff about boys, fashion, friendship, and articles like, Dear Carol, which are stories that you can relate to. You can also find pages that will tell you if a guy likes you or not, quizzes on friendship and if you are addicted to gossip, and good books to read. Mainly it's things that are suitable for middle school kids. Magazine review by Kristyn Chapma, Feb 2011


Consumer Reports Magazine

monthly consumer ratings

$19, for 12 months

Each month this magazine covers a special buying area of your life. For instant the august 2010 issue covers kitchen products and ratings. Also it goes over lab test one particular item and safety reports. This magazine also has a funny back page explaining where your money is really going when you buy stuff and picking out false advertisements we see every day. Also  they index their magazines explaining what's to come and what you missed. In my opinion I enjoy reading this magazine because it makes me a smarter buyer and helps me get a inside look what is on the market. I would suggest this to any one looking to get more for their money, or for accounting it could be useful for budgeting. Reviewed by Dani Hogland, Oct 26, 2010.


The Week

 A politic related, gossip sharing that's really interesting if you just turn a page, the illustrations are funny, it has a newsy type of look that has what you're looking for, it has a big variety of topics like, Travel, " At a glance" topics, International information, cartoons, the Arts, Television, and obituaries of the long forgotten famous movie stars. Please pick this off the shelf today, it will be worth it! I don't want to see it go! Reviewed by Mackenzie Morel May 2010.


National Geographic Kids

This Mag comes monthly.

It has interesting things all through the mag. Some examples: animals and there friends, video game reviews, sports, food for kids, etc. It may be a kid mag but I recomend it for everyone because it's a really cool mag. Reviewed by Tom Carpenter, May 2010


American Heritage

4 issues a year

This magazine tells stories of past American people, presidents, and people who were important to America. It tells about their lives and important things that they did for our country. I think this magzine is important to get, especially if you are big history buff you'd really like this book. I think it can give interesting info about heroes and presidents. Reviewed by Jimmy Gledhill, March 2010.


Russian Life

Six times a year.

It's about what is going on in Russian and bopks by Russian authors, different places in Russia and people that live there and sort of what they're going through. I think it's kind of interesting. I think it would be more for older students or students that want to learn about other countries. I would enjoy it. I sometimes like to learn about other countries.

Reviewed by Jessica Rouleau, Feb 2010



Nine issues a year

It is a magazine about different things doing on in science. Anything from theorys about how we evolved from apes, to robots being possible pets. It has things for you to do as well, like guess which shoe belogns in what century or what type of person would wear it. There is also interesting articles about animals in this magazine. So if you like science and animals this would be a good magazine for you to sit and read. Reviewed by Catrina Comeau, Feb 2010.


Popular Mechanics


I liked it because I like new machines. The issue tells you about a new plane that is a unmaned aircraft. It also has daily life things you should know.Other kids might like it if they are into that kind of stuff. Reviewed by Jacob Crocker, Feb 2010.


Stylin Trucks

This magazine is an awesome magazine. It has parts to make your truck look, sound and perform great. Its called high performance. The magazine is donated but we really should get it. We have a lot of people at this school who own trucks and would like to see this. Reviewd by Seph Desmarais, Feb 2010.


Teen Voices


I just read a magazine called Teen Voices for a magazine review. I thought it was interesting because they had reviews for books and music, some people would write a paragraph about why they liked this certain book or music. The magazine had poems from different people and they had pictures for their poems.Teen Voices had 3 interviews in this issue, they talked to Camille Little about playing in College and playing in the WNBA. I think Mrs Grant should keep getting Teen Voices because they have a lot of different things in the magazine. I think most teens will read this type of magazine, because they will want to read reviews about either music or books.

Reviewed by Brianne Andrews, Feb 2010


In Tune!

I read that music is a powerful tool and that it is meant for any individual. Music is a good thing to listen to when you are happy, sad,  depressed, and also when yu are feeling lonely. There is muisc like rock, metal rock, jazz, hip hop, country and other kinds. There are good singers like Sean Jay and he sings (Down). There are also some other artists and they are Brad Paisley, Carry Underwood, Keith Urban and a lot of others.

Music is a fun thing to listen to because you can sing to it and also dance to it. There are some really good bands that are Country, jazz, rock. They are good just like Kid Rock, he is a good singer and my fvorite song from him is All Summer Long.

Reviewed and edited by Courtney Mineau, Feb 4, 2010


Outdoor Photographer

Monthly magazine

This magazine is full of spectular outdoor pictures. It contains fantastic information about photography and where to get the best equipment. The magazine has all the information about the cutting edge technology in photography. It is perfect for anyone who likes the outdoors or photography.

Reviewed by Hannah Backus, Oct 2009.


Sports Illustrated

Weekly magazine

This is an informative magazine about physical acivities in America. It is perfect for kids who like pictures, jokes, interviews, and articles. It has lots of information on your favorite athletes for any typical sports and also extreme sports. I think we should keep getting this magazine. Kids enjoy sports and what better way than reading?

Reviewed by Jimmy Gledhill, Oct 2009.


Field and Stream

Monthly magazine

This magazine has lots of information about animals, hunting, and fishing. It is a good browing magazine. It helps keep our hunting and fishing taditions alive. Articles include ones about hunting and fishing stories and supplies.

Reviewed by Chris Glidden and Tony Jay, Oct 2009


Sports Illustrated

This magazine is meant for a person who enjoys sports in general not just one sport. You would enjoy this magazine if you like to read about sports teams and what is new in the sports world. When it comes out each week there is a section on the biggest sports story of the week with facts and notes to read.

Reviewed by Chad Badger 2/25/09


Girls Life/GL


This magazine comes to the library every other month. It is a magazine designed for teenage girls. GL gives girls advice on health issues and other teen problems, such as dealing with friends, boyfriends, and those "oh so" personal probblems. This magazine also will let you get a look at the latest fashions and fads that are going on in the world. GL lets you see that you are not alone by interviewing girls from all around the world on topics that apply to girls no matter where you live. Reviewed by Reanne Thompson, Oct 24, 2006



Arrives 9 Times A Year. Is a Science, Informational, Curiosity magazine. You Read It For Fun and Information on certain subjects. Reviewed by Dylan Flagg Oct 17, 2006.




A once a month for kids that is fun to read. Reviewed by Randy Adams Oct 23, 2006


Current Health 2

Recieved Monthly, this is a health and ethics magazine

 This is a fairly well-done magazine designed to increase awareness of various current health problems. Prescription drug abuse, obesity, and a healthy heart are a few of the problems mentioned. The cover story, dealing with phobias, discusses the difference between fear and phobia, and how while the one is good for us, the other can sometimes get out of hand and do more harm then help. The other major story involves world hunger and malnourishment, and supplies information on how you can help. Harrassment and ethical dilemmas are also discussed. In general, this magazine provides a helpful guide to a good life, both physically and morally. If you have any concerns about your diet, your behavior, or wish to learn how to help those who do, this is a good place to find it. Reviewed by Andrew Demaris, Oct 26, 2006


Kids Discover

Recieved monthly, this is a science and history magazine

This month's magazine focuses on Pompeii, the Roman city that was buried under the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. It talks about the town itself, Roman life, how volcanoes work, and many other things relating to the times. If you have to do a report on ancient Rome, Pompeii, volcanoes, or are just interested in the topic, this magazine will cover all the bases for you. Reviewed by Andrew Demaris, Oct 26, 2006


Current Health2

Concerning the health of todays people this issue of Current Health deals with modern phobias and offers ways to deal with them. You can deal with these phobias by confronting them, this can help you get over it and may help relieve a lot of stress througout your life. Reviewed by Dana Bragg, Oct 26, 2006




We receive this magazine every month. In each magazine, there is a certain topic that is discussed dealing with science. For example, this month's issue is all about Cats. Not only does this magazine give you information about the topic, this magazine puts a little humorous twist to everything to make it more appealing to all readers. Students should read this magazine because its a great way to learn interesting facts and also have a good time reading. Reviewed by Jessica Metros Oct 18, 2006.



Kids Discover

Comes monthly. It is an informative magazine. it has many interesting activities and usually is about interesting topics such as the solar system, ancient civilizations, and other stuff we learn about in school. It gets kids into learning about various topics and always has something for most everyone. Reviewed by Allysa Thompson Oct 17, 2006



GL (Girls' Life)

Comes bimonthly. It is a girls/fashion magazine. it has information about various topics, like how to deal with adolesence, school, friends, boys, as well as fashion tips and embarassing stories that others can relate to. it's aimed at girls--mostly teens--and it's one of the girl-friendly magazines at our school. Reviewed by Allysa Thompson Oct 17, 2006



Comes once a month. It is a science/Adventure magazine. A student would want to read it because it seems really interesting and might help to make projects easier.

It helps people learn but it makes it fun at the same time. Reveiewed by Michelle Bucci Oct 12, 2006.


Kids Discover

Comes monthly, Informational, it is very informational about the incident at Pompeii. Nada, none, zero, zip. Reviewed by Zach Smith, Oct 11, 2006



Bi-monthly teen magazine. Most of the students are teenagers and this magazine has alot of teenage, real life stories. The colors...the cover is very catchy, and catches the eye of the "explorer". Reviewed by Ashta Mercer Oct 13, 2006.


GL - Girl's Life Magazine

Comes once every 2 months and contains fashions of a Girl's Life. Has stuff in it that girls like to read about like embarressing moments or new fashion ideas and other stuff. It gets your attention.

Reviewd by Lacey Madore, Oct 12, 2006



GL (Girls Life)

Every two months

A magazine for girls.

Girls would want to read this because it has: quizzes, dating tips, fashion and beauty tips, interviews of famous women, tips on how to handle your social and school life, advice on boys and friends, and zodiac signs.

This is the perfect magazine for a teen girl. Is has lot of information about the things girls need to know. Reviewed by Ashley Rideout, Oct 11, 2006.




For persons interested in Drama

Any student who is interested in theatre or dramatics would like this magazine. It has plenty of ideas for different plays, it has small little plays that you can act out inside of drama club so that you can practice your theatrical behavior, it even has a couple of websites that you can visit on the back of the magazine for even further ideas on the topic of drama. Review by Dustin Paul, Oct 11, 2006.



Received bimonthly

Literature magazine, contains short stories, poems, and a few drawings.

You would want to read this magazine because it has stories in it that deal honestly with various issues like racial differences, and dreaming, and love. The poems speak of what hearts feel, and make you feel what the author felt while writing them. All the stories and poems in this book hold a charm, and a feeling, that makes you want to keep reading until they are done. This magazine, Cicada, is one to be read by all ages. Review by Sarah Demaris, Oct 10, 2006.



Girls Life Magazine

We get this magazine bimonthly. This magazine is targeted to young teenage girls. It contains items that some may find beneficial to their social lives like, for example, makeup and fashion tips, dating advice, and it even contains things on how to get good grades and still have a life, and how to eat healthly. In my opinion in the October/November issue the best article is the one on the front cover about how to get good grades and still have fun because I think that is the dilemma with many girls in school. Review by Randi Smith Oct 10, 2006



This particular magazine comes once a month. Its topics range from science to history to culture. It appears to be a very educational type of magazine that is really interesting. The magazine has some cute articles and little comic strips, along with education stories. I cannot think of any big sales pitch other then the one on the cover: "The Magazine Of Life, Universe and Pie Throwing." Review by Holly Moore, Oct 10, 2006.



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