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DVDs or Videos for classroom use

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Penquis Students wikipedia

Penquis Valley Schools Information Center

Milo, Maine, USA


Student choices for DVDs or Videos to use in the classroom


Updated May 2013


"Jaws of the Pacific", by Maurine Lemire, Discovery Channel, 2003, 50 minutes

Nature's ultimate predator, the great white shark's mystery has been solved. Throughout this VD you will learn the voyage of the great white. Using technology, data connected by satellite transmitters reveals all unknown information of the great white. This DVD would be great for an 8th grade environmental teacher to show, mainly because it really teaches you about the ocean environment and it gives you a clear picture of the great white. Something I liked about this DVD was all the detail it gives you about the great white, as well as many other types of sharks.Something I disliked about this DVD was how much it changed from one scene to another. I would suggest you check out this movie if you are interested in sharks or what to know more information about them! Reviewed by Elizabeth Holler, May 2013


  "Coca-Cola The History Of An American Icon" produced by Jeff Martin,145 minutes long, copyrighted by the Coca-Cola company. Includes special bonus feature like a photo gallery and rare footage from the Coca-Cola company archives.This movie is about the history of Coke how it was made and when it all started and also what became to be a popular classic drink for those soda sweet-tooth lovers out there.This video can be used for a history class and a cooking class, why I say that is because coke a part of American history. Also you can cook with it too so why not. This video is a documentary so it gonna get a little boring but very educational and informational it lets you know how your favorite soda-pop came to be. So why not twist open a bottle of Coke and sit back and watch how your favorite drink came to be. Reviewed by Ian Perkins, May 2013


Katahdin: the mountain of the people", Jack Perkings, 2000, 50 mins (2 reviews)


You can find out more on this DVD and Jack if you go on their website. www.jeffdobbs.com. The original soundtrack is by, John Cooper. The Photographs are by Bing Miller and Jeff Dobbs. Katahdin is located in Baxter State Park. People would go camping out to Baxter State Park. There are cabins over 100 years old. People go rafting, swimming, and sit by the campfire. The whitetail  deer make people feel at home when they are camping at Baxter State Park. Many people like to hike the mountains. In late spring the bears start coming out. There's also the Mount Katahdin Butterfly. Katahdin teaches you to get out and learn about different things and the wilderness. Teachers may use this DVD for Science or history classes.  


I liked this DVD because it teaches you so much about different parts of land, different trails, and the different animals that live on Katahdin. This would be a great DVD for a History class, because Katahdin has been here for years and its a great place for people and students to learn about. People and students that have interest about Katahdin would like to learn more about it and all the different places on Katahdin.  People say Katahdin was here before us and it will be here when we are gone.   Reviewed by Magen Lancaster, May 2013.


"Katahdin" would be good for science and social studies teachers and students who enjoy learning about nature or who are just interested in learning more about Katahdin. This DVD is probably best for the high school grade levels. You can learn more about the producer at www.jeffdobbs.com. Katahdin is located in Baxter State Park and there is no hunting allowed here. I didn’t really like this DVD because i’m not interested in learning about mountains. Although, some parts of this DVD were interesting like what you can do on the mountain and looking at the different scenery of the mountains. Some activities people enjoy doing at the mountain are camping, white water rafting, swimming, biking, hiking and some just go to enjoy the peaceful surroundings. Reviewed by Micki Lovejoy, May 2013.


Trains, PBS, 1998, 93 mins

The DVD on trains had so many trains that's what I see when I go to sleep now. The video consisted of multiple parts of trains and different kinds of trains. This video was boring because I myself am not much of a train enthusiast. But to someone who may into trains would find this video very helpful in learning new aspects of trains. It would help someone who wanted to get into a career that involved trains. If you wanted to become a train engineer or operator, this would be helpful to you because it would help you learn the different parts of a train and how to work it. I didn't like this video very much, for the sole reason of I'm not interested in trains. I would recommend this video to middle school level, based on it being very formall but not hard to follow, but it is not something for high school level. Reviewed by Chris Ormonde, May 2013


The Murder of Emmett Till (2 reviews)

Producers: PBS and Stanley Nelson

Length: Approx. 60 minutes

Extra Materials: None

  On this VHS film, The Murder of Emmett Till, the director gives us the details of the brutal murder of a young boy. Emmett Till, a 14-year old African American boy visited relatives in Mississippi in 1955. He was brutally murdered by two white men for whistling at a white woman, unaware he had broken an unwritten law. His mother decided to place his body on display at a church in Chicago for 4 days so that the world could see what had been done to him. Photos flooded newspapers, putting the case on the map both nationally and internationally. The two men accused of his murder were charged not guilty after a short five-day trial with an all white male jury. Shortly afterward, the defendants sold their story to journalists detailing how they carried out the murder. The Emmett Till case was a significant motivator of the civil rights movement, and the Montgomery bus boycott began three months after his body was discovered in the Tallahatchie River.

    I liked this VHS film because it shows us how bad African Americans had it back in the 1950s. It could be better graphic wise but since this film was made back when technology wasn’t at it’s finest, this video is good for that time period. I believe this video should be used in classrooms for History or Government, this also should only be for high school students because this is a harsh reality of how our country used to be. I really enjoyed this film and I know peers and adults who love learning about civil rights will love it too. Reviewed by Nicole Padilla May 2013.


    The Murder of Emmett Till this movie is produced and directed by Stanley Nelson. This movie is about 60 minutes long. The copyright was 2003. The movie was based on the life of Emmett Till. He was taking from his house in the middle of the night and then beaten and shot in the back of the head for whistling at a white women. The killers were arrested and charged with murder. Watching the movie was a great way to understand the problems between white and black people back in 1955. I really liked this movie because it brought you back into the way life used to be when black and white could not even speak and look at each other. This is something I would use in class to show kids exactly what it was like to live in this time or what it was like to be black. I would watch this movie in history class or Black History Month. This would be great for someone working on a project about when blacks were treated like slaves. Overall this was a great educational movie. Reviewed by Courtney Badger, May 2013



Title:Journey Into Amazing Caves

Producer: Grey MacGillivray, Alec Lorimore, Steve Judson

Copyright:2001 MacGillivray Freeman Films

Length:40 minutes


Summary:The narrator starts off talking about small organisms, and the other things in a cave. It shows a cave in Arizona with a couple who are “cavers” who explore unexplored caves and map them, as well as collect samples. Then it shows a beautiful blue river, which is blue from dissolved limestone. A women on this video has a website called Nancy’s Expedition Diary and it is a live video of her out exploring and educating her class. Her class can watch from a computer in the classroom. Audience: The best audience for this video in our school would be an earth science class or environmental science class, or a science class. It is appropriate for middle schoolers, but I would only recommend it to an older audience like 9th grade and up because younger kids are more likely to lose interest in the video. Reviewed by Michelle Heath April 2013.


Living with tigers

Discovery Channel, 2003, 98 min, not rated. DVD.

This movie will teach you about the life of a tiger. There are fewer than 5,000 tigers left in the world today and it is possible within the next decade that they could be wiped out forever. Tisgers don't live in Africa, they live in Asia. But Asia isn't a good place for tigers in the wild. So they wnat to relocate the tigers to Africa, where there is plenty of food and space. But first they do some experiments with two tigers by bringing them to the Africa wild. The two tigers need to be teached how to hunt and survive in the wild. This is a wonderful documentary on tigers and would recommend it to anyone interested in tigers or wildlife.

Reviewed by Tom Carpenter, Feb 2010.


What they say about hunting: an in-depth look at the hunting controversy.

Donation from Council for Wildlife and Conservation and Education, 21 min., Teachers Guide, grades 7-12 VHS

I thought tis video was full of information. As to whether or not I will remember it three weeks from now is uncertain. The man doing the documentary seemed rather unenthused though. That made me not so interestd in watching it. Hunters say that animals are getting bigger and the growth of the deer are increasing. People that live in the city say that the hunters have no respect for the land that people own. Other people say hunters don't destroy there land and they have no problems with hunters. Nature kills more animals than hunters do. Wild cats and bears destroy deer, rabbits and ducks. Hunters only hunt in the fall and sometimes get something and somtimes don't. There's a lot of people that agree hunting is good and it puts food on the table.

Reviewed by Alex Hartin and Joe Briggs, Feb 2010.


Something Wicked This way Comes

Director: Jack Clayton c. 1986

I have been wanting to review this movie for a very long time so I took advantage of it when I was given the task of reviewing a book or movie. The movie is a brilliant adaptation of the book. The cast was very well chosen, there are a few things I wasn't happy about that they changed but there were things added to it that made up for what was omitted. The story is about a town where a carnival arrives in AFTER most carnivals stop coming, strange things start happening after the carnival arrives. The Barber, Bartender, Cigar salesman, and a teacher from the school go missing. As it turns out, the people went missing after going to the carnival and winning a prize that involved their deepest desires. I'd rather not reveal anymore than that so you can find out the rest for yourself. I recommend this movie to all who like a spooky movie or just movies in general, I give the movie an 8.5 out of 10.

Reviewer: Drew S. Bragg 2/25/09


Why the Towers fell

Why the Towers Fell is a documentary of the attack on the World Trade Center, and on the physics of why the towers collapsed when and how they did. This is a very educational film, because it covers both the historic and scientific aspects of 9/11. This would be good for anyone who is interested in history, because of the massive effects of this event, and also for anyone interested in physics or architecture, because it also covers the science of the building's structure, and how it was set up. It even provides some of the alternate plans for the towers' structure. However, if you are going to watch this video, please be warned that there are very graphic descriptions from survivors of the attack, as well as actual footage of the plane's crashes, and the fires and collapse of the Center. "Viewer discretion is advised". NOVA & WGBH production. 60 minutes, 2002. Reviewed by Sarah DeMaris, Feb 2009



Michael Jordon: Come fly with me.


This movie is about the greatest basketball player in the NBA history. The movie takes you through the life and times of Michael Jordan. From when he was a young child suffering from poverty, to a young man struggling to make his high school basketball team, and to a man in college, the NBA and the road to greatness.

I would recommend this film to any student who is interested in sports and great success stories as well as teachers like Mr. Mills, Mr. Hamlin, Ms. Larlee, and Mr. Bousquet because they are all coaches who could benefit from this video because it gives a teaching of sports and what is needed to succeed in them.

Reviewed by Matt Becker, May 2007.



Hockey's hardest hitters.


This movie is about the NHL's hardest hitters. It is cram packed with bone crushing, head rattling hits that will keep you entertained and glad that you're not a hockey player.

I would recommend this movie to students who are in study halls and bored to death because this movie will keep you on the edge of your seat for the full 30 minutes.

Reviewed by Matt Becker, May 2007


Moby Dick


The story of Captain Ahab and his fanatical quest for the white whale which bit off his leg. This is an excellent representation of the novel, one which could quite readily be used as a follow-up to the book in a classroom. I know Mrs. Hamlin uses Moby Dick as a summer read, so perhaps she could use this as a movie version. It stays quite true to the storyline, omitting some parts only because a book of that length requires such editing. The acting is superb, with the characters of Ahab and the three Mates filled quite properly. While the special effects and Queequeg's character may seem a bit hokey at times, they nonetheless are carried out in an appropriate manner. This was originally made for

television, which is obviated by the commercial-break scene changes, but still the movie is worth watching, especially after reading the book.

Reviewd by Andrew Demaris, May 2007





Once again, this movie is a fairly good representation of the book, and follows the storyline rather well. Wilfred of Ivanhoe, who is determined to free his king from bondage, and would willingly sacrifice his life to do so, and the two women who love him and would do anything for him, as well as the other characters are masterfully portrayed in this early 1950s movie. While some modern watchers may find it boring due to the lack of special effects and the classical acting, it still manages to portray the storyline well. I recommend this for any class that may read the book, or just for a class dealing with 12th century European life in any way. The characters are filled superbly by the actors, and bring enough life to the story to keep people interested.

Reviewed by Andrew Demaris, May 2007.



Nefertiti Resurrected, grade levels 7-12.


This can be used to show how mummies are wrapped and buried and to educate on the life of Egyptian royalty and Ancient Egypt royalty. One of the most beautiful of the Egyptian queens, Nefertiti was erased from history. a scientist has stumble upon what may be her mummified body in the Valley of the Kings. Using state of the art technology, they pierce together how Nefertiti died and what she may have looked like.

Reviewed by Allysa Thompson, May 2007



Riding the rails, grade level 7-12


Shows what live was like for teens who left home, for personal or economic reason, the dangers and thrills of riding trains from one town to the next and how the teens earned a living. Life on the road (or rail) can be rough for a teen during the Great Depression. 250,000 teenagers left home, some because they wanted adventure and some because they were kicked out of their homes. Many of them rode the rains from none town to the next,earning money where they could and begging at back doors for food, a place to sleep and a bath.

Reviewed by Allysa Thompson, May 2007.


Ghosts of Rwanda, DVD, 967.571, Grades 6-12


It would be great for history or something like that. It shows what really goes on outside of out country. It is war and violence. We see this everyday. IF you want to watch a great documentary about life, here it is.

Reviewed by Deidra Robinson, May 2007


How to trace your Native American heritage, DVD, 929.1, Grade 9-12.

goo for the Native American classes we have. How would you like to get in touch with your Native American side. This would be the perfect DVD for you!

Reviewed by Deidra Robinson, May 2007


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